A Professional Packaging Company
Fitpac Co., Ltd is a professional packaging products sourcing company with a strong team consisting of smart sales, good customer services, strict QCs and precise-minded logistics team. It is located in Huangyan North District,Taizhou,Zhejiang Province,China.

As a reliable packaging source, we are providing our customers with the design, manufacture, quality control and delivery of custom made, high quality packaging products. We are confident that through our exceptional service and devotion to all our clients, our products and services will match and fit your unique idea, your featured products, your linked market, and all your special needs. We just fit you.
  Glass Products Plastic Products Metal Products
2  We are working with hundreds of manufacturers in the Mainland China, among which about 30 facilities are currently running our projects. Many of our manufacturers are among the top 3 in their field
2  We are working in China for your projects 24/7. Whenever and whatever you need, feel free to let us know. You will know us.
2  In 2008, we were awarded The Best Supplier by Gamer Packaging, Inc., an international distributor headquartered in Minneapolis and the 6th largest non-manufacturing packaging distributor in the United States.
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